The BiomedRx Institute isa the education and training branch of BiomedRx Inc.

BiomedRx Inc. is a healthcare technology management firm located in Beverly Hills, California. Since 1996 they have been providing biomedical equipment maintenance and training services to healthcare providers across the United States, and in many foreign countries.

The original curriculum of the BiomedRx Institute is biomedical engineering. More specifically, medical equipment repair and maintenance. Our original curriculum is designed to empower our students to obtain ICC certification in biomedical, medical imaging, and scientific laboratory equipment maintenance. Today, our curriculum has expanded to include high tech holistic health modalities, such as neurofeedback (EEG biofeedback), cranial electrotherapy stimulation, and biomagnetic pair therapy.

The main theoretical component of our training is primarily taught through the formal courses and video lectures found on this website. However, students who live in Southern California enjoy the additional benefit of attending in-person lectures and workshops.

The fees for membership start as low as $10 per month, and go up from there, depending on your course of study. There are courses in every discipline, available to all levels of membership. There are also advanced-level courses that are specific to the disciplines of healthcare technology management and holistic health. In addition, we offer premium classes at an additional cost, that are available to all members for purchase.

Yes. Anyone from anywhere, that has access to this website, is eligible to register for the BiomedRx Institute.

Yes. It is customary at BiomedRx to hire our employees directly from the talent pool of BiomedRx Institute graduates.